“We waste so much energy through allowing our emotions to govern us. Feelings and emotions involve our organs, breath, and mind. Those feelings that we experience before they pop up in our heads are called "gut" feelings and are respected for their instinctual source. In a healthy organism, feelings should pass like clouds over the sun. When feelings get anchored by thought into our memory, they become emotions, which are no longer related to the moment but to the past. They accrue a greater density and darkness, like storm clouds that block out the sun itself.”

―BKS Iyengar, Life on Yoga

Photo: Laetitia Hotte

The hips are the main body part where emotions are stored. To tight hips come stuck emotions. Navigating through various hip openers and externally rotated standing postures, settle into vrksasana (tree pose) and ardha padmasana (half-lotus pose). Find space and emotional release in your hips!