"The problem is not how to finish a fold, but how to continue it, to have it go through the ceiling, how to bring it to infinity. It is not only because the fold affects all materials that it thus becomes expensive matter, with different scales, speeds, and different vectors (mountains and waters, papers, fabrics, living issues, the brain), but especially becuase it determines and materializes Form. It produces a form of expression, a Gestating, the genetic element or infinite line of inflection, the curve with a unique variable."

―Gilles Deleuze, The Fold

Photo: Laetitia Hotte

This class is all about folding and unfolding. We fold to strengthen and ground, turning inward and discovering trust and self-confidence. We unfold to open up, connect and create space. The fold is never to be accepted as a singular event but rather it is to be seen as a population of many folds, a manyfold. Core awareness and spine mobility will be a key component, going old-school through a series of sun salutations C. Expect some arm-balances once your core is awake. Practice, practice my fellow yogis.