"As you are doing an asana, you have to recharge your intellectual
awareness all the time; that means the attention flows without interruption. The moment you collapse, you do not recharge, and the attention is dispersed. Then, the practice of the asana is a habit, not an invigorating creative practice. The moment you bring attention, you are creating something, and creation has life and energy. Awareness allows us to overcome tiredness and exhaustion in our poses and in our lives..”

— BKS Iyengar, Light on Yoga

This week we will be kicking it old school. Specific arrangements with props for longer and deeper holds inspired from Iyengar yoga. Loads of partner work included will set you further into the asana. A different approach, a different challenge. Find focus in the seemingly static and recharge your intellectual awareness. Enjoy my fellow yogis!

Photo: Alexandra Kehayoglou