“But this press of time—take it as a little thing next to what endures. All this hurrying soon will be over. Only when we tarry do we touch the holy.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

If you leave before you stay, you will lose your ability to try, and this is a silent way to die. Let everything happen to you and be lived, because no feeling or situation is final. The longer you stay, the more you can see: your physical body connected to the Earth, the impermanence of thoughts, the impermanence of emotions, the impermanence of sights and sounds, all things that decay.

Sink into what is radical and contradictory in an entropic universe: stay, no matter what, stay without judging or labelling, on top of your experience. Soon you'll see this uncontrived moment that just happens without any effort: you settle down and become comfortable with the uncomfortable, familiar with the unfamiliar, you stay with your experience.