Hanuman, the monkey superhero, is said to be the son of the wind, Vayu, and a vanara woman, Anjana. As son of the wind, Hanuman was known for his mighty leaps. Hanuman leapt from shore to shore, from India to Lanka, to comfort the captive Queen Sita. With a force that made the sand fly and the waves run backward, he stretched his mighty legs. The power of his back leg propelled him skyward, while his front leg reached to touch Lanka's shore.That mighty leap is memorialized in the pose Hanumanasana.

Explore this pose not merely to stretch your legs but also to experience commitment into your practice. Strive to reach much further than seems possible, and while doing so, consider what your practice, and indeed your very life, is dedicated to. Notice the duality between your reach for the pose and the discomfort that may accompany your attempts. Turn your mind inward, use your breath to access your heart, dissolving resistance and finding the inner passion that created the great leap of Hanuman.