"One of the reasons why, as a teacher of asana, I am so intense, and was in the past even harsh, is that I want to give the students one and a half hours of present life in a lesson (...) For those who habitually flee the present, one hour's experience of 'now' can be daunting, even exhausting, and I wonder if the fatigue felt by some students after lessons is due more to that than to the work of performing asanas. Our perpetual mental absences are like tranquillizing drugs, and the habit dies hard. For the keen student, the effect of asana is exhilarating." 

--- BKS Iyengar, Light on the Yoga Sutras

After two weeks of concentrated training in Hong Kong, it is my time to give back. This session is inspired by both my teachers and my students. We will focus on a very detailed asana practice, for a better experience of 'now'. Enjoy my fellow yogis!