"Time is a process. Basic time prepares the process. Here is disorder, here is chaos, here is the patchwork of badly stitched tatters, upon which there appears, locally, a first process or the beginning of a process. In order for it to pursue its sequence, it will certainly have to have some repetition, it will have, in some way, to go from a first step to a second step. And so forth. It then enters a time that is to some extent reversible, already assimilable, or reducible to a space".

-- Michel Serres, Genesis

2017. We start anew but not from nothing, but rather from experience. Enjoy this intense well-rounded class to set yourself ready with purposes and intentions for the upcoming year. Play with the idea of time and flow into a series of dynamic asanas and variations that create length, strength and build heat in your whole body. Be prepared to invert and discover a new relationship with time and space. *** Last chance to catch me before I head back to Hong Kong for more training, for more teachings, all for you.*** We are, right on time!

Photo: Rune Guneriussen