"An affect is a non-conscious experience of intensity; it is a moment of unformed and unstructured potential (…) Affect is the body’s way of preparing itself for action in a given circumstance by adding a quantitative dimension of intensity to the quality of an experience. The body has a grammar of its own that cannot be fully captured in language because it “doesn’t just absorb pulses or discrete stimulations; it infolds contexts…” (Massumi, Parables 30)"

— Shouse, Eric. "Feeling, Emotion, Affect." M/C Journal 8.6 (2005).

All about the hips, in all ranges of motion. Stability and mobility rather than just flexibility, with some dynamic movement. Let us not talk about the hips as containers of emotions, whatever that means, but rather about “affects”: the intensity dimension of any experience. Long holds with a little burn, in as much as flow to get you warm and sweating. Externally rotated positions will be explored accompanied by some lotus variations.

Photo: Yung Lin