"At our core lies our innermost wisdom. So the knowledge from outer perception and inner wisdom should always be in contact in your postures. At that time there is no duality; you are one; you are complete. You exist without the feeling of existence. The challenge from the skin should tap the Self, our Soul, and the Self has to ask, "What more have I to do?" The external knowledge incites the Self to act." -- BKS Iyengar, Light on Life

Reconnect to your breath and practice. This week, find a strong core work with focus on strengthening your shoulders and arms, followed by a strong standing sequence and some arm balances. We break down the proper alignment of chaturanga and the mental strength needed to do them in bulk. Plank and chaturange variations along with a navasana sequence (boat pose) are explored. End your practice feeling ready for anything. Practice on fellow yogis!

Photo: Photo: Shinichi Maruyama