Photo: Bence Bakonyi

(...) most of our fundamental attitudes to life have their physical counterparts in the body. Thus comparison and criticism must begin with the alignment of our own left and right sides to a degree at which even finer adjustments are feasible: or strength of will will cause us to start by stretching the body from the toes to the top of the head in defiance of gravity. Impetus and ambition might begin with the sense of weight and speed that comes with free-swinging limbs, instead of with the control of prolonged balance on foot, feet or hands, which gives poise. Tenacity is gained by stretching in various Yoga postures for minutes at a time, while calmness comes with quiet, consistent breathing and the expansion of the lungs. Continuity and a sense of the universal come with the knowledge of the inevitable alternation of tension and relaxation in eternal rhythms of which each inhalation and exhalation constitutes one cycle (…)
-- Foreword to Iyengar's Light on Yoga

Have we observed carefully how we move through this world in our bodies and minds? Observe your foundations, experiencing how your body gets in contact with the world. Come back to the mat with a beginner's mind, practicing with a lightness of being yet with persistence and full awareness. Your capacity to lift up relies on the act of grounding, what you give is what comes back. Push against the earth solidity, root to rise, follow your line.