"And rather than taking the path that is prescribed in the formal practice of Zen Buddhism itself, namely, sitting cross-legged and breathing and such things, I decided that my proper discipline was the one to which I was already committed, namely, the making of music. And that I would do it with a means that was as strict as sitting cross-legged, namely, the use of chance operations, and the shifting of my responsibility from the making of choices to that of asking questions."

—John Cage, quoted in Kay Larson, Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists

Tackle your inner heat through a warm, precise and focused practice. Tap into your full potential and make yoga your tool, not on the mat, but everywhere else. Use your practice as a space for a consistent effort that can, as a layer, be transposed on top of any other matter, the mat is a metaphor. On self-discipline.

Photo: M. Ali by Flip Schulke