"No one is perfect. We all represent a particular limitation in space and time. (…) Self-acceptance is a nonjudgmental attitude toward what we or others perceive as our flaws. We must practice self-acceptance but always against the backdrop of the highest task of self-transformation. This qualifier ensures that we not merely rest content with all our flaws or shortcomings but also are willing to change and actively engage the process of self-change.”

— Georg Feuerstein, Yoga Philosophy and History

This week we stand on observation and go one step further, on a challenging practice: a great deal of acceptance is required! Explore asana as a sincere conversation with the self. Listen without judgement and accept without condition. Practice is always more challenging than what we can account for, this is what makes it a practice. Engage action fully and uninterested of an outcome, do not seek solutions but live the puzzles. On acceptance.

Photo: James Turrell