“And these things

that keep alive on departure know that

you praise them; transient,

they look to us, the most transient, 

to be their rescue.

They want us to change them completely,

in our invisible hearts,

into -- O endlessly -- us! Whoever,

finally, we may be.” 

― Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies



This week we dig into Self-Transformation with a steady, well-rounded and challenging practice. Yet, what is change? Is it real? Is there anything like an authentic nature at all? Endeavour to replace old patterns with a new improved state of things, or any expression of your highest powers. Let no effort ever be wasted. Deliberate and intelligent work on yourself and for yourself, is the art of conscious self-transformation, the art of yoga. Sweat on and be transformed yogis!

Photo: Jung Cheng Lin