"While fully expressing ourselves as individuals, we also must cultivate our innate ability to go beyond who we appear to be to ourselves and others. That is to say, in addition to the preceding “steps,” we also must commit to consistently overcoming the ego “contraction.” This element is present already in the preceding “steps” of the process of self-maturation, but now, at a higher level, self-transcendence involves actual transcendence of the ego-body-mind." — Georg Feuerstein, Yoga Philosophy and History

Leap into a strong practice. Work your hamstrings, hip flexors and your ego. Starting with a few shoulder openers, make your way through sun salutations into an iterative flow that opens your legs and hips towards more advanced hip openers. Can you dive in, work hard and let go of whether or not you arrive at your destination? Can you see yourself from the outside for a fraction of a second? Be challenged to be fully present, for the sake of transcendence, fuck the ego. Practice practice, fellow yogis!

Photo: Olafur Eliasson, Your Own Shadow