“With clarity of rhythmic structure, grace forms a duality. Together they have a relation like that of body and soul. Clarity is cold, mathematical, inhuman, but basic and earthy. Grace is warm, incalculable, human, opposed to clarity, and like the air. Grace is not here used to mean prettiness; it is used to mean the play with and against the clarity of the rhythmic structure. The two are always present together in the best works of the time arts, endlessly, and life-givingly, opposed to each other.”

 -- John Cage, "Where the Heart Beats".

Catch me in town before a 3 weeks spring break, going abroad to learn a little about anything! With this one, we get graceful and clear. We do not focus on a specific topic but rather cultivate the sheer curiosity required to understand your own alignment. There is no absolute blueprint nor frame of reference one can refer to, but rather a constant process of transformation, from body to body, from day to day. Enjoy a slow paced yet powerful class, with deeply detailed cueing down to your pinky toe. If you want to learn yogic fundamentals, with intellengence and power, this class is for you!