"It could be said that standing and walking, because of gravity, impose on us the axial symmetry that sculpts our form and appearance, linking us all to the centre of the earth. Swimming in water and dancing in air release us from this commonplace, and replace the straight line with a point in that indeterminate place, constituted by passing through the birth scuttle, that I previously called the soul. All our symmetries change . Breaststroke, glissades, jetes, diving, transform us into radiant beings - or rather radiolaria. If we lived in the water for several million years, would we become starfish?"
--Michel Serres, The Five Sense

Make your way through this class not "with the flow" but with the strong intention of making yourself light, and just for a second defy gravity. An array of poses to make your way to flying pigeon and grasshopper pose. Deep hip openers and slow-motion Surya’s, making your way into warriors, side-angles, half-bound and bound. Proceed into some arm balances and freeze time for a few breaths. 

Photo: Lovis Osternik