"All along we're gonna feel some numbness
Oxymoron of our lives
Getting fed up by that hunger
Supersize we found inside
They will know it's real, our numbness
Catching up and climbing life
Speaking like a hug of thunder
Lit up by the lights at dusk outside”.
— Broken Social Scene, Hug of Thunder

This class is all about adduction —hugging into the midline— with the inner thighs to create more bandha control. Using a block for most of class to really engage your inner thighs and core, navigate through vinyasas and sun salutations A and B. Maybe integrate this engagement in your flight from the floor, with control. Finish with some additional core work and backbends as well as some twists and hip openers to counter everything. Hug yourself in, in a hug of thunder.

Photo: Viviene Sassen