To come to ground is to find a home in circumstances and in the very physical body we inhabit in the midst of those circumstances and above all to face the truth, no matter how difficult that truth may be; to come to ground is to begin the courageous conversation, to step into difficulty and by taking that first step, begin the movement through all difficulties, to find the support and foundation that has been beneath our feet all along: a place to step onto, a place on which to stand and a place from which to step.

— David Whyte, Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and underlying meaning of Everyday Words.

This week we focus on balance. Learning about the instability of life, notice your body re-adjusting itself every second to keep you standing. Yet, where does your mind go in the moment of movement? Transition from standing to inverting and from binds to extensions with a fluid outer body, and a focused inner core. Enjoy my fellow yogis!

Photo: IKEA/HAY