Photo: Sol LeWitt, Incomplete Open Cubes, 1974 · SFMOMA

"The word decision derives from the Latin caedere: to cut, to cut the links. To decide one’s own counterpart means to consciously struggle for autonomy, but in a way in which, through this gesture of cutting, one also realizes an inner belonging to what one is detaching from. In this sense, the notion of agonism—the counterpositioning of parts—functions as a critical mirroring of oneself via the other, to the extent that it is possible to say that to make a collective claim of political autonomy one must first declare one’s counterpart."

— Pier Vittorio Aureli in “The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture”.

After 30 hours of body geometry training, this week we find inspiration in David Regelin’s approach to yoga. All bodies and minds are all different. The purpose of your practice might change from day to day, from one movement to other: are you about to ground yourself firmly or rather fly high? Is your body feeling wide open or tight? Therefore, alignment does matter yet it is not dictated, instead, it is latent and fluctuating. This week, discover your body, aligning your postures in different manners, that might seem unfamiliar or even at first uncomfortable. Develop an awareness of your own postural pattern, make your postures result out of a sequence of intelligent choices. Upraise your understanding of alignment by counterposing options as a critical mirror of different ways of articulating your postures.