Photo: Sophie Delaporte

"The raucous, anarchic, noisy, variegated, tiger-striped, zebrastreaked, jumbled-up, mixed-up multiple, criss-crossed by myriad colors and myriad shades, is possibility itself. (...) We cannot predict what will be born from it. We cannot know what is in it, here or there. No one knows, no one has ever known, no one will ever know how a possible coexists with a possible, and perhaps it coexists through a relationship of possibility. The set is criss-crossed by possible relationships.”

— Michel Serres, Genesis

A posture is a set of relations, a possibility. In this session, transition through several hip openers and twists. Explore your body's ability to swirl on itself in and out, finding symmetry and balance. Move consciously through a sequence to open your hips and your spine as preparation for grasshopper. This challenging well-rounded class will leave you feeling empowered, with a twist!