Photo: Lovis Osternik

Folding-unfolding no longer simply means tension-release, contraction-dilation, but enveloping-developing, involution-evolution… The simplest way of stating the point is by saying that to unfold is to increase, to grow; whereas to fold is to diminish, to reduce, to withdraw into the recesses of a world. Yet a simple metric change would not account for the difference between the organic and the inorganic, the machine and its motive force. It would fail to show that movement does not simply go from one greater or smaller part to another, but from fold to fold.”

-- Deleuze, The Fold

This Wednesday is a special day: our last class at Gallustrasse 4. This practice is all about unfolding and folding. We don't fold in repetition but by encapsulation: every new fold contains the space acquired in its previous ones. At first, opening the front of the body, creating space, being energetic and solar with poses like Virasana, prone backbends and anjaneyasna. Then folding, turning inward with utthita hasta Padangusthasana, malasana, eka pada malasana and marichiyasana. Core awareness is a key component to both, inversions and arm balances will be offered with variations. Enjoy my fellow yogis!