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Lean into your fear

How do we behave in the face of the unknown? There is resistance and fear when the possibility of losing a certain current situation raises. The resistance to losing "our familiar identities" is the fear of the death of those identities.

When we can create space around fear, it can open into an intelligence manifested in curiosity about its meaning. These things don’t want to be looked at, but we can lean into them, stepping more deeply into ourselves. Sometimes what we encounter when we step inside is expectedly uncomfortable, but like a quiet observer we can examine them, find ways to grow, transmute, expand.

Trust in your own will power, face whatever arises in the field of your awareness, move into the dark unknown, and generously open yourself to the world. Backbending!

Places limited. Secure your spot directly on this event page or book here!

I look forward to seeing you O'yogis, we will explore that inner unknown going into backbends!