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Guerilla Yoga #2

The first yama, ahimsa, is usually translated as “non-violence.” Violence can be manifested in actions, words or thoughts. What we think about ourselves or others can be as powerful as any physical attempt to harm. Yet, another kind of non-violence appears within the possibility of acting in such a way as to take control of one's life and realize one's fundamental purposes. What is the source of control that can determine us to do this rather than that? This kind of non-violence is about self-mastery or self-determination, we enact it by choosing the right doors for the right reasons.

The violence we inflict on each other is only the outward manifestation of the war raging inside ourselves. Merely playing “by the rules” or being neutral is not the point but rather standing with a the clear intention of doing the best you can. OPEN UP your heart with this BACKBENDING FLOW and feel what is inside, it is only by stopping the war within that we can stop the war without.

Camilla’s classes are uplifting with strong asana sequences supported by creative body mudras and vibrant music. She aims at giving students a place where they can create space for themselves, get to know their body and spirit better and have fun!

Diana’s classes are energetic, demanding and detailed, focused on breath as rhythm and principles of alignment. She will challenge you into discovering not only your hidden potential but also your personal approach to yoga, always with humour and a tad of badass!

If you haven't attended a Guerilla Yoga Class yet, here are the *RULES*:

- The class is donation based.
- No sign up needed but BRING YOUR OWN MAT. 
- The location will be revealed a few days before the event.
- Class held in English and German.

We look forward to meeting you!
Diana & Camilla