During this two-day course you will learn how to better connect with your body and trust your goals. Expansion is very much related to knowing when to take a rest and when to push. Expansion also about knowing how to effectively analyze and reflect on the work you’ve done so that you remain enthusiastic as you aspire to more. This kind of effective thinking is extremely helpful both on and off the yoga mat.

In class you can expect to work on arm balances, inversion, backbends, hip openers and some wild transitions. Surya Namaskar Handstand will also be practiced to reemphasize handstand techniques. Handstand takes a long time to learn and flow with; Marysia will help you get there faster. Marysia is adamant in her practice of inclusiveness so if you are intimidated, don’t be. She will provide variations that make class accessible and challenging for both intermediate and advanced practitioners. Sign up and join the highflying crew!