Mark is an international yoga teacher who loves balancing on his hands. The central pillar of his unconventional teaching style emphasizes unlocking new movement patterns. Mark encourages his students to be proactive, think critically, and ask questions. He is happiest seeing his students thrive and prefers teaching in a setting that allows for personal attention.

After our series in June this year, we continue with our handstand course. This workshop series is designed for people who want to start their handstand journey or already have a regular handstand practice. You will learn the foundational handstand shapes, the different entries to handstand, the way to refine your practice, and how to program your own handstand training. The last hour of each day will be an assisted self-practice so that Mark can help you with your personal goals.



PRICE (3 hours tuition):
- Regular: 85CHF
- Students with Legi or Full-time Yoga teachers: 75CHF
(A certificate might be requested)

The training will take place at YOGALIVES, 62B Giesshübelstrasse, Zürich, ZH, 8045.

Spaces are limited, please reserve your spot here (a FB event check-in does not count as a booking!):

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