Marysia Do is quickly establishing her global reputation as a meticulous, encyclopaedic teacher of teachers. Her superb practice is the embodiment of her knowledge. She is known as the queen of handstand by her students and followers. 

Marysia loves handstands and every variation thereof. Who doesn't like having their world turned upside down from time to time? At seventeen she took her first little flip around when she moved from New York to California to attend USC. There, in Santa Monica, she spent the past ten years refining her yoga practice with her fabulously fun, yet intensely strict teachers Brock and Krista Cahill, follow on with Dharma Mittra, Briohny and Dice. After graduating from USC, she spent the next four years in graduate school studying Chinese Medicine. Marysia is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Her daily handstanding-flow-yoga practice helped prepare her for the next big flip which took her across the globe to Singapore in September 2013.

Though quite advanced in some ways Marysia found the Singapore yoga culture rather inhibited. She wanted to show them how powerful they really were! Marysia was on a mission.  But as she applied the techniques she had learned over her 10 years of practice she found the students progress limited.  So she set her textbook learning aside and began to innovate. 

She studied her student’s movement and thinking patterns, which shifted her teaching style.  In a short amount of time Marysia became famous all over South East Asia, Australia and in the Middle East for her ability to expedite the journey into advanced asana using both innovative and traditional techniques.  Marysia uses motivational speaking, meditation and music in addition to pragmatic sequencing and alignment cues to empower her students.  She is also capable of teaching to the individual even within the flow of large group classes. 

With a very heavy heart, in July 2017, Marysia and her husband move back to the US.   She now lives in Denver, Colorado and looks forward to sharing her acquired knowledge with the western yoga world. Marysia’s fear, that making yoga her profession would poison her passion, could not have proven more false.  Although Marysia is still super A type, in the yoga room she takes such joy in forgetting herself in service to her students.  Marysia is her best version of self when she is teaching yoga.